Erin Lynn Finnerty (E.L.F.)

Erin Finnerty is a high school student at Thomas Worthington High School in Ohio where she has earned academic honors.

Art, Writing & Photography

Read the blog... If you'd like to sample some of Erin Finnerty's art, writing and photography you can view that here on her blog:

Published in the 2022 edition of Thurber House's Flip the Page:
Erin had a poem selected for publication in Flip the Page: Central Ohio’s Teen Literary Journal in the 2022 edition. Her poem, Daffodils in the Snow, was one of 81 pieces selected out of over 250 entries. You can order a copy of the 2022 edition of the journal here.

Other selected work:

  • Erin works on the staff of the Thomas Worthington High School Yearbook
  • Erin completed a NaNoWriMo novel for National Novel Writing Month in November 2019 (at age 13)


Galapagos Islands: Erin will be traveling to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands in the Summer of 2022.

Science Fairs: Erin has participated in multiple science fairs and has even earned a Superior rating at Ohio's State Science Day. In 2019 Erin Finnerty's Science Fair project "Soybeans: How Small Microbes Make a Big Difference" was awarded a Soybean Bioscience Award $100 prize as a district winner by the Ohio Soybean Council Foundation.


Erin enjoys both studying and visiting nature.

National Parks: Erin has been to a number of National Parks including Yellowstone NP, Acadia NP, Shenandoah NP, Great Smoky Mountains NP, and Mammoth Cave NP. Find your park.

Ireland: In addition to visiting cities like Dublin in the East, Galway in the West and Belfast in the North, Erin has been able to experience the natural world in Ireland outside of those cities with hiking in the countryside and by the ocean. She has also visited locations including The Burren, The Cliffs of Moher, The Giant's Causeway and the Aran Islands.

Volunteerism and Activities

Erin has been a Zoo Aide volunteer at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium since the Summer of 2019.

Erin also volunteers in other ways through clubs at her school. For example, she is co-president of the Environmental Club at her high school.

Drama: Erin acted in two different plays during middle school including a play based on The Hobbit.
Irish Dancing:
Erin regularly performed Irish Dancing starting in kindergarten until the pandemic.

Yoga: Erin enjoys yoga. She is a member of GoYoga and regularly attends yoga classes.


Student of the Month
Erin's middle school named her a Student of the Month (October 2019)

Wilson Hill Elementary Jamal Whitaker Award
At the end of sixth grade, in 2018, Erin Finnerty was honored with the Jamal Whitaker award. One sixth grade girl and one sixth grade boy at her school receive the award each year. She volunteered extensively in elementary school and continued to do so in middle school and high school.

Read Erin's Blog

You can read Erin Finnerty's Blog